Together we can help

Maya Angelou once wrote –

“Each child belongs to all of us and they will bring us a tomorrow in direct relation to the responsibility we have shown to them.”

North Shore Postpartum Help launches this new website filled with our gratitude to the parents and aspirations for the children of the future. We recognize the dedicated work of the caregivers, researchers and policy makers.

For over a decade, our grassroots task force has sought cultural, political, economic and practical, timely supports for babies and their families. We’ve become familiar with useful vernacular from perinatal and ultra-absorbent to politically expedient and neuroplasticity. We are working together for help, hope and connection, won’t you join us?

In “typical times”, we meet monthly at a local hospital. Currently, we are confined to ZOOM meetings and the occasional outdoor gathering. We’re happy to engage with you through this website or our Facebook Group. Finally, our team of volunteers is able to come alongside you with the knowledge and practical applications in presentations, workshops, or as advisors to families, organizations the organizations and communities that serve them.

It is our goal that with this new website, we will share what we know and what we are learning. We hope to attract writers to fill this blog space with provocative, informative and insightful writings. Please contact me at if you wish to be considered as a contributor or have any questions about our task force.

~ Kitt